Faculty Awards & Honors

CLAS Dean's Scholar

This faculty development award recognizes newly promoted faculty members who excel in both teaching and scholarship or creative work. The two-year awards carry a grant in each year, which may be used for equipment, travel, supplies, and other support for research and teaching initiatives.

The Dean's Scholar Awards are funded by the UI Alumni Association's endowment of the Dean's Chair in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. The CLAS Committee on Faculty Promotion and Tenure selects each year's class of Dean's Scholars from among those faculty recommended for promotion and/or tenure.


Recipients of the Dean's Scholar Award

2011-2013 (see the news release)
  • Christopher Cheatum, Chemistry
  • Michaela Hoenicke-Moore, History
  • Luis Martín-Estudillo, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Sara Sanders, Social Work
2010-2012 (see the news release)
  • Mercedes Bern-Klug, Social Work
  • Alan Huckleberry, Music
  • Bob McMurray, Psychology
  • Kathleen Stewart, Geography
2009-2011(see the news release)
  • Rebekah Kowal, Dance
  • David Peate, Geoscience
  • Ahmed Souaiaia, Religious Studies
2008-2010 (see the news release)
  • Bryant McAlister, Biology
  • Morton Schl├╝tter, Religious Studies
  • Helen Shen, Asian & Slavic Languages & Literatures
  • Marcus Wohlgenannt, Physics & Astronomy
  • Mark Andrejevic, Communication Studies
  • Loren Glass, English
  • John Prineas, Physics & Astronomy
  • Frederick Boehmke, Political Science
  • Christopher Brochu, Geoscience
  • Brian Gollnick, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Susan White, Art & Art History
  • Christine Getz, Music
  • Leonard MacGillivray, Chemistry
  • Jane Singer, Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Kasturi Varadarajan, Computer Science
  • Jonathan Adrain, Geoscience
  • Julie Hochstrasser, Art & Art History
  • Roumyana Slabakova, Linguistics
  • Patricia Foster, English
  • Laurent O. Jay, Mathematics
  • Michael Lovaglia, Sociology
  • Carin Green, Classics
  • Elizabeth Heineman, History
  • Judith Liskin-Gasparro, Spanish & Portuguese
  • James Enloe, Anthropology
  • Douglas Dion, Political Science
  • Karen Heimer, Sociology
  • Kimberley Marra, Theatre Arts
  • Mary Hall Reno, Physics & Astronomy
  • Vicki Hesli, Political Science
  • Kevin Kregel, Integrative Physiology
  • Teresa Mangum, English